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Aerospace and Aeronautics
Our Vision

In today's world, the aerospace and defence market has to deal with increasingly complex systems and rapidly respond to changing commercial and military needs, while meeting rigorous standards for quality and safety. To help meet these demanding requirements, aerospace and defence companies utilize Safety Management Techniques to optimize their systems development lifecycles for greater safety, efficiency, productivity and quality.

Our Capabilities

Our capabilities and expertise in defence area are focused to eliminate following problems and shortcomings,
  • Ensuring interoperable and cost-effective systems
  • Delivering final systems that have not met the original specifications and requirements or are obsolete
  • Tendering in obscure, costly and time consuming competitive bidding processes.
  • Compliance with ever-changing standards due to safety criticality, legal requirement and contract law
  • Verification of agreed requirement s at pre-defined project milestones so that the system can be introduced into service in a controlled manner
  • Ensuring complete accountability for the history of a project to increase user understanding, provide a complete audit trail, and meet legal requirements
  • Using UAVs for various purposes like guidance, object tracking and aerial surveys.
rcm2 optimized solutions for developing advanced systems and software are helping this market solve these challenges by:
  • Enabling traceability from requirements through all development stages to commission, making it easier to assess the impact of change and making in-service replacement and maintenance simpler and quicker.
  • Checking at regular milestones ensures that the system being developed still complies with the customer's requirements specification.
  • Providing tools, methodologies and services to help buyers gain control over the bidding process, giving them a fair way of collecting and comparing bids, ensuring an open competition and the best choice is made for supply.
  • Facilitating clear and complete understanding of requirements and designs with subcontractors, enabling primes to ensure that deliverables are on time and to specification, thereby making integration tasks easier to manage and improving the quality of the final, delivered system.
  • Automating the process of change management throughout the systems and software development lifecycle from the issuing of a change request to delivering the updated application, through modifying the requirements, architecture and design specifications, and re-building and testing the new version of the application.
  • Providing a configuration management repository in which all of the deliverables for a milestone are visible, stored, controlled and linked, making milestones easier to manage, easier to deliver, easier to verify and easier to revisit.
  • Automating production of documented deliverables as an almost non-invasive part of the delivery process, helping engineers ensure that all of their responsibilities are fulfiled.
  • Automated design verification, software quality reviews and application and test generation, helps reduce the number of errors that are introduced during the course of the development of the system, and enables those that are to be caught early in the project lifecycle when they are quicker and cheaper to fix.
  • Maintenance Program Development
  • Hazard analysis and impact assessment
  • RAMS Development
  • Standard incorporation in existing setup (e.g. Defence Standard 0056, Rail Standard EN50126)
  • System integration
GAT (Generic Automated Tester)

ISCaDE (Customized for Defence)

Image GAT is a generic tester for the launchers of air-to-air missiles. It is a handy unit for quick pre-flight checks to avoid an accidental fire or a misfire. The tester checks to confirm that the standby and firing voltages applied to the missile launcher are within the tolerance limits, the missile firing sequence is correct and no stray voltage is present. ...more Image ISCaDE (Integrated Safety Case Development Environment) is customized for defence applications. One or more standards are incorporated as per requirement. 24/7 online support is available for this product. ...more
System Maintenance

MRMTT (Multiple Radar Multiple Target Tracker)

Image Integration of legacy system with the modern surveillance system has been done. The build module works as bridge between two different age systems. It takes signal from one system and processes it to be received by the other one and vice-versa. It offers compatibility between the different systems. ...more Image The MRMTT is a Multiple Radar Tracker with HS-IMM and MHT achieved and Manages Manoeuvring targets under cluttered environment. It provides Robust and Graceful Degradation with Hybrid Radars Interfacing Capability. It is built on Modular and Scalable Architecture. The complete toolkit for Hybrid – Interacting Multiple Model target Tracking System Theoretical Testing Also Available. ...more
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