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Research & development is a continuous process at rcm2. We have come up with numerous innovative products in various fields that include GAT, ISCaDE, DRACAS, DSTAR, MCVR and MRMTT. For more details about the products and project click here.

Along with Industrial Automation and Defence applications, we are pursuing original research in few areas with the help of our team members who are also continuing their PhDs. We regularly conduct seminars and our team members present papers at various conferences. The key areas of research include,
  • Stochastic Processes
  • Kalman Filtering, Complementary Filtering, Multiple Sensor Fusion
  • Target Tracking Applications
  • Image Processing
  • AI systems, including neural networks and fuzzy logic
  • Process Control and Fault Diagnostics
  • Reliability Theory
Our current R&D projects related to Safety & Reliability are:

E-Hazard Log

E-Hazard log is also an internet application. It is meant for those clients who do not want to keep/build their hazard log at their local machines. Therefore this application is being developed to project maintain hazard log of such clients.

E-Safety Case

As safety is an important component in a project's life cycle, therefore to assist our customers we are putting the facility of building safety case online. It will allow the authorised users to develop their application/project specific safety case. Not only this, several sample safety cases related to that project/field will be available to the user for his assistance.


E-Safe is full fledge online package under development that will help the user in complete life cycle of a project. It will include hazard log, safety case development using different notations and their maintenance. In other words it would be an online replica of our product ISCaDE™.

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