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IT and Telecommunication

Our Vision

We intend to produce solutions to the industry that enhances the production capability of the system in an efficient way. We are focused to build and upgrade the automation systems to be the most reliable, integral, productive, efficient and easily maintainable so that the client can get the most out of it and these systems give a boom to the business.

We believe in providing Turnkey Solutions and not just Stand Alone products. We have a well experienced team to design or establish application specific ergonomic setups for industrial sectors as well as educational institutions. Our efforts along with your involvement ensure maximum utilization of available resources to gain better results. We are also system integrators. The net result is we know and understand our products extremely well and use them in systems we design and build for our valued customers. The Turnkey Solutions are further enriched with easy to use Software.

Our Capabilities

We are providing both hardware and software automation to the industry. In software automation we have expertise to generate specific data and process model for variety of software platforms (e.g. Telelogic DOORS). Hardware solutions include the intelligent/feedback systems for example temperature sensitive systems, safety systems, power generation/control systems, security systems, IR based temperature control systems, robotic automation (for packing and other purposes.)

r cm2 proved to be a world-class scientific/engineering resource delivering state of the art solutions and systems. We have following capabilities in the area of Turnkey Solutions.

  • Process Modelling and Optimization
  • PLC Controllers for Industrial Application Industrial Control and Monitoring
  • Systems (SCADA applications) Stochastic Processes
  • Kalman Filtering, complementary Filtering, Multiple Sensor Fusion.
  • Target tracking Applications Image Processing.
  • AI systems, including neural networks and fuzzy logic
  • Process Control and Fault Diagnostics.
  • Reliability Theory
  • Remote Monitoring Systems
  • Machine Vision Systems
  • Scientific Imaging
  • System Integrators
  • Data Acquisition, Test & Measurement
  • PC Based Industrial Automation Products and Systems
  • PLC Controllers for Industrial Application
  • (rcm)2 a concept for Remote Condition Monitoring and Reliability Centred Maintenance

London Underground Tunnel

Lab Management System


In March 2001 the London Underground Ltd. Board directed the Policy Review Group (PRG) to develop a coherent suite of policies consistent with the London Underground Ltd. document hierarchy. ...more


rcm2 Lab management system allows the students to have non-linear access to the lecture notes during the Lab demonstration which is possible over our special video broadcasting software. The instructors can log in from their offices to see that the labs are being conducted properly by respective lab in-charges ...more


MCVR-16 (Multi Channel Voice Recorder)


Data Storage, Transfer, Analysis and Reporting (DSTAR) system is a new product from rcm2 limited, an innovative safety and reliability solution provider. DSTAR allows predictive maintenance of railway signalling equipment based on data collected from its components in real-time. It keeps a record of all controls on signals, indicates signal aspects to be replaced and gives warning of abnormalities in railway points/switching movements. ...more


MCVR is a 32 channel (16-digital and 16-analogue in parallel) extendable to 64 channel (32-digital and 32-analogue in parallel) voice grabber having an interface with a computer. RIMS standard version is available, however customized solutions are also provided. MP3 voice encoding is implemented. It is being used in the industry for security, surveillance and other objectives. ...more

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