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RIMS Lab management system allows the students to have non-linear access to the lecture notes during the Lab demonstration which is possible over our special video broadcasting software. The instructors can log in from their offices to see that the labs are being conducted properly by respective lab in-charges.

RIMS Lab Management System (RIMS LMS) is a comprehensive set of tools that includes an online version of all RIMS trainer manuals. Experiment list of all trainers and much more. The system also includes a audio video streaming server and client that captures live video on server and send it to all clients

RIMS Lab Management System

Live Video Broad cast

RIMS lab management system capture and broadcast live video from desk of Instructor/lab In charge to the desktops of all students. It enables the procedure sharing among the students.

Unlimited Client Support
The system is based on Multicast, Broadcast technology. All the recipients of the stream get the only copy of stream, hence there no performance hazard on the number of users.
Explorer based simple interface.
System provides explorer based simple interface. The degree of usability is much better as there is no complex task for the usage of system.

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