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Standards Traceability for London Underground Limited

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In March 2001 the LUL (London Underground Limited) Board directed the Policy Review Group (PRG) to develop a coherent suite of policies consistent with the LUL document hierarchy. All LUL’s Standards were reviewed to ensure they fitted with the PPP Contract, eradicated inconsistency, error and avoided duplication. rcm2 limited has been involved in this process (Dec 2002 – Oct 2004) providing DOORS expertise for the Infrastructure Systems Team (IST) dealing with 210 Track Standards.

DOORS based form developed for
analysing existing standards

rcm2 consultants were responsible for aiding the formation and compilation of the new Track Standards using Dynamic Object Orientated Requirements System (DOORSŪ, a registered trademark of IBM AB). Their primary roles were as DOORS Engineers; tasked with administering and supporting the DOORS database for the Track Engineers. They developed tools to improve its ease of use and functionality, extracting information and presenting data as required. For more information about rcm2's contribution to this project please feel free to download the PDF information sheet:

LUL Track Standards - DOORS Consultancy

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