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MCVR (Multi Channel Voice Recorder)

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RIMS Multi channel voice recorder is a 16 channel recording system that can monitor and log the audio signal of all channels simultaneously. The system is comprises of a powerful server software that has all functionality of digital voice recording. The server is supplemented with a TCP/IP based client software that provides the access to the server on the network. User interface is provided in the client version.

MCVR (Multi Channel Voice Recorder)

16 Channel Parallel Support

At the moment system is supporting 16 channels; more channels can be added with very little efforts. System is also available in customized versions of 4, 8 and 12 Channel Support.

Automatic Voice detection and recording
Use can configure the system in auto mode, the system will monitor any/all channels and start recording when the voice becomes available.

Recording on external events
User can configure the system to pause, stop or start the recording on the base of some external event/switch.

Real time channel monitoring

User can monitor/listen the voice on any channel parallel to recording. User can switch to any desired channel.

Remarks or Comment Mixing
User can mix his/her own comments in the voice of any channel. For the purpose system provide a mechanism to activate the mixing on any channel.

Standard MP3 encoding/archiving.
The system record the sound in standard MP3 encoding and support playback in any MP3 Player. Software is specifically written for windows 2000. All standard audio players for this OS, support is available in the system.

OLE-DB compliant Data base support.

The system support standard Database like Access, MS-SQL Server and Oracle. System log important information chunks in data base that is used to search for a particular file.

Remote Accessibility.
The server software is accessible on LAN or on internet. The client portion composed of a rich GUI for controlling the server and performing other operations.

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