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In the software paradigm we are committed to deliver high profile safety and reliability solutions. Courses are arranged round the year to help safety managers and engineers in using our products. In addition several papers and articles are published to refresh and upgrade their knowledge.

ISCaDE™ (Integrated Safety Case Development Environment) by rcm2 limited.
ISCaDE™ is a unique, networked, DOORS-based software environment, which can help you build a high confidence safety case faster and with fewer experienced staff. DOORS (Dynamic Object-Oriented Requirements System) is the leading requirements management database from ibm. ISCaDE™ was developed for the rail industry, to improve customer service, but can be applied to other safety critical systems. It is the only safety case development tool to combine the features of a multi-user, multi-access, object-oriented database and graphical presentation capabilities in an integrated environment. ...more

Safety Case Development

rcm2 staff has been involved in the setting up of various rail project safety management systems, using adaptations of the system described in the "Yellow Book". rcm2 staff has worked setting up and managing Hazard Logs for a number of rail projects (West Coast Route Modernisation, Two Major Re-signalling Projects, ...). Our staff have many years' experience generating and providing input into safety cases for the UK rail industry. We have contributed to the safety case of a novel hybrid automotive engine management system.

Data Reporting Analysis and Corrective Action System (DRACAS) is a recent product from rcm2 limited, an innovative safety and reliability solution provider. DRACAS is a database used primarily to enter faults/failures collected from a working system as well as required improvements for procedures and processes. Based on this data, DRACAS produces a history of faults/failures of the system components in both textual and graphical formats. ...more

Data Storage, Transfer, Analysis and Reporting (DSTAR) system is a new product from rcm2 limited, an innovative safety and reliability solution provider. DSTAR allows predictive maintenance of railway signalling equipment based on data collected from its components in real-time. It keeps a record of all controls on signals, indicates signal aspects to be replaced and gives warning of abnormalities in railway points/switching movements. ...more

London Underground Limited

In March 2001, the London Underground Ltd. (LUL) Board directed the Policy Review Group (PRG) to develop a coherent suite of policies consistent with the London Underground Ltd. document hierarchy. ...more

Research and Development
Please refer to Research and Development section for more information.

E-GSN is an internet application. It is meant for the clients to help them in building their safety case notations rapidly and getting an online help. Samples regarding specific field will be available online to help the user. The user will be able to save his GSN diagrams.
E-Safe is full fledge online package under development that will help the user during the complete life cycle of a project. It will include hazard log, safety case development using different notations and their maintenance. In other words it would be an online replica of our product ISCaDE™.
As safety is an important component in a project's life cycle, therefore to assist our customers we are putting the facility of building safety case online. It will allow the authorised users to develop their application/project specific safety case. Not only this, several sample safety cases related to that project/field will be available to the user for his assistance.
E-Hazard log is also an internet application. It is meant for those clients who do not want to keep/build their hazard log at their local machines. Therefore this application is being developed to project maintain hazard log of such clients.

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