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Among many aspects to the performance of systems, safety is a human focused and complex socio-technical issue. The classical view of safety is largely biased towards the causality of hazardous states and failure of products, processes, and systems, often taking a narrow technical reliability perspective in place of sensitivity to human dimension. Later philosophies have advocated the extension of failure-based approaches to take into account assessment of likely accidents and consequent harm to people. Against this setting, security, which is a major and more recent concern, is analogous to safety, differing mainly in malicious intent and deliberate causation rather than unplanned random or systematic causes.

Your company's very existence may be challenged by a single serious industrial accident. Personnel injury or death, damage, claims, downtime, lost capacity, lost opportunities, legal fees, and government penalties can each exact heavy tolls on corporate resources. Smaller incidents can erode your competitive position and profits.

rcm2 is prepared to assist you in protecting both your personal and business investments.

Safety Management is the identification and evaluation of safety problems related to all occupations. The focus of the safety management includes the following:
  • Identification and appraisal of accident conditions
  • development of accident prevention information
  • Measurement of the effectiveness of accident
  • loss control systems and programs

What is Safety?
The complex, mobile and highly mechanized way of life in 20th century has increased the possibility of accidents of all types. Although the first awareness of this problem was essentially economic, the mounting tolls of deaths and injuries have had an emotional impact that has brought the social effects of the problem into focus.

Today, the prevention of the social and economic losses resulting from accidents is a challenge to the nation; a challenge that is being met by the Safety Management.

rcm2 limited as an engineering consultancy delivering innovative system safety and reliability, risk assessment, asset management and IT system integration solutions to a number of market sectors, is ready to face the challenge of solving your safety problems in an increasingly complex world.

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